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She radiates positivity and is in, dare I say it, a revisionist mood.

It’s not that she has recovered from her depression, but more a case that she now denies she was ever depressed – at least technically – in the first place.

So I’m writing this letter for anyone who has ever felt the same way.” It was a thoroughly modern medium for discussing a terribly 21st-century trauma.

The split in question was from not a lover but a far more significant other, namely Simon Cowell – Mephistophelean music impresario, kingmaker and chart-breaker.

I have a best friend who has severe depression, who takes medication and still struggles, so I know how bad it can be.


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    Sort of a timely recast of this video, given the supposed controversy of things like “science-based.” In the video, Louisa Moats describes the disconnect between science and practice. Teaching spelling to students is important, and not just for it’s own sake necessarily (though that’s fine too).

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    I also plan to finish learning this plot (even though it has more holes than swiss cheese) because it is difficult to just drop a story just like that. " yeah, the actors aren't professional and famous and the budget isn't that big but everyone start somewhere.

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