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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.When asking for a second date, does "I'm busy" always mean "I'm not interested"?It depends on the girl..I say I'm busy-it's because I am.

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If I'm interested but honestly busy on that particular day, I will suggest an alternate time. As an alternative you could also ask the second or third time if there's a time that works for her. Too busy to spend an entire saturday hanging out on a date that starts with lunch and ends with a midnight movie? I think you can tell when someone is making an effort to spend time with you. Being a super busy person (two jobs, until recently school, obligations to family and friends) there are many times I say I'm busy, but want to do it another time. Of course I'm super upfront so if I didn't want to get together I'd just say that.

I would try 3 times if I were you, if you keep getting just I'm busy, she's not interested and just can't seem to tell you that. If she says she doesn't know and doesn't offer a time line or anything, chances are she's not that interested. I think you should give someone at least a couple of chances before you toss the number.

Everyone is in such a rush now days which is what will get you into something that will probably never work out. They let you know if this is just a busy phase that will calm down.

JMOIf I'm not interested I will usually just say I'm busy. Too busy to meet with you for coffee for 30 minutes? Unfortunately some people think it's better to "let you down gently" by just being unavailable than it is to just come out and say "I'm not interested, but thank you anyways" and walk off. Sure, most people are savvy enough to get the hint after a couple of weeks, but it's nicer in my opinion to let them get beyond you as an option sooner than that.

If I was interested but busy I would add in that maybe we can try another day.