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" Used to tell you if I make it, I'll be bringin' all of you Now my circles are limited a few and y'all walked out and left That left no one to lose, I got nothing to lose And nothin' to gain by not tellin' the truth Been barely believing in love, I still really don't even know if I do But if someone was ever to make me believe, then that someone is you, I promise it's you I never took action, you're snapchattin' Askin' me where all my music is at We're talkin' right now as I'm writin' this rap You're someone I wish that I always could have And to be blatant, girl, your name is— Still can't say it Never could say it, scared you would hate it Wonder what crosses your mind when you play it I'm patient, I'm waiting for you Even wrote Rescue about me and you Maybe, one day we'll be, we'll wait and we'll see Now I'm chasin' my dream, and I hope you do too And I'm hopin' to prove, I'm payin' my dues Dad would get drunk and pass out, I'm like, "what are you doin'?

" Booze and you lose it, he knew it So he got sober, so proud, I knew you could do it I'm out at a party, y'all tell me to drink Here's what I think, I think you look stupid Sinkin' my soul in the music I do it for free and just know that I'm woven into it My fans we turned into fam I'm here to guide you, give me your hands Tell me your thoughts, and your dreams, and your plans They told me I never could be what I am Now, look where we stand We stand for everything we said we'd stand for When they tried to give us less, we said, "nah, fuck that We demand more," and we stand tall Dan told me, "jump on that beat and go tell 'em the truth" That's what I do, I do this for you I tell you my story to help you get through And you see that this life is hard The darkest nights make the brightest stars I'm bringing y'all with me, let's raise the bar I know y'all can feel this, whoever you are Kindest Regards, Mark Connecticut buzz-maker Witt Lowry has never been shy about putting his deepest emotions down on wax.

Michael Bussee is no longer affiliated with Exodus International, and he has made sincere apology for the harm he caused by promoting the hope and false possibility of change.

Most recently, he has made several very calm and honest videos.

The reality stars both have children from separate relationships.


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